It is often hard to define one’s passion, but to distinguish it from others’ is more difficult still, given the competitive nature of an industry that craves excellence in design and construction. Genworth Group, a trusted home builders Adelaide, will help you design and construct your dream home!

With the bar already set to an exceptionally high standard on the back of our very successful display home “The Kent”, one may well wonder how we could create yet another iconic building that would display timelessness, creativity, and a sympathetic approach to an established suburb that hosts some of Adelaide’s most majestic residences. The objectives for the Genworth team were to create a home that could be a masterpiece in its own right and yet co-exist comfortably with its imposing neighbours, and to surpass the high expectations that come with decades of experience.

Genworth’s design team has dedicated countless hours to creating tomorrow’s classics today, and this residence is no different; a home that not only exudes classical beauty, but which also utilises the latest technology and products to achieve an impeccable energy rating. The result is an efficient home with low running costs, where the use of natural materials contributes to the minimal maintenance of the property. This is particularly evident in the natural tones of the wall render, which will age gracefully and require minimal upkeep.

As with every Genworth home, this residence has been meticulously designed to ensure a luxurious lifestyle for the occupant. The feeling that this property evokes is that of an historic European villa, where beautiful natural finishes and classical proportions unite to create light-filled spaces, complemented by the magnificent gardens to ensure that the home is finished perfectly. Thus, this home represents the passion of our design team, including architects, interior designers and landscape designers, all working collaboratively to ensure a finished product that once again surpasses Genworth’s already unparalleled level of excellence.